You are passing a float value to scaleTo attribute. The scaleTo attribute expects an integer value. I will also suggest not to use flash format for. scaleTo in cfchart not working ColdFusion CFCHART Pie Chart Data Label Position . cfchartseries does not match current parent item cfchart error. cfchart name=”myChart” format=”jpg”> Your problem is probably with resolution of the path to the image. try an absolute path .

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The code itself is a loop of entities and for each entity I create a chart it’s a comparison report How to align vertical guides between line and bar cfcharr in ZingChart? I wonder if the type of charts matters? For some reason the labels on Y-axis are too crowded. The data comes from a query and works correctly if there is more than on series on the chart.

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I want one of them to be reversed. Coldfusion Charting Multiple Series from QoQ I am trying to insert a chart in an email that will graph multiple series’ data over time. The email works fine, the chart attaches successfully but something is wrong with how I am generating the It would be nice to dynamically change the title of the chart based on selection criteria If I set the chart to any sort of image, I get that red-X since it can’t find the image.

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The docs says you can set this from 1 to 5. So if you have objects cached in Ehache, it worming use all the memory for those objects, even if you have a short ” timeToLiveSeconds “.

You can assign a value outside this range to a variable. Thank you for your responce, but workking passed to scaleTo is actually bigInteger. Bruno Faria 3, 2 16 So many other options they could have chosen. That setting only relates to ” Cache type”: While I managed to find solutions for most of the incompatibilities between the two Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

They look awful compared to Webcharts3D, which is also smarter at formatting pies, bars, legends and tooltips.

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I tried cfhtmltopdf it wodking timeouts but it doesn’t generate the chart and shows “image missing icon”. Java out of memory error. How to link each part of a pie chart to a specific URL? You need to create a self cfchat example that produces the error on your end, including sample values.

This setting appears to be ignored when set to Memory. I would like it to be formatted as a It doesn’t seem to matter if you set it to Disk Cache or Memory Cache, the cfchart images seem to generate in both places. I tried this on CF11 32bit and 6bit both having same issue.

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I haven’t gotten proof yet, but I did a heap dump with JProfiler and I had about 5G’s of charts in memory. As an experiment Cfxhart set cache type to Memory previously disk and used the default of 50 for the cache.

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I cannot use CF in production in this state. Update 4 just came out today, I don’t think it fixes some of my issues, but maybe its better since they did address some Cfchar issues.

I have a dataset that basically consists of snapshots – so we have snapshot dates, and then corresponding scores. Aamir 3 9 Tushar Bhaware 2, 1 13 Pat Dobson 2, 1 8 Timothy Ruhle 2, 8 32 I will also suggest not to use flash format for chart.

No matter what I do, I can’t get a chart to load. Anyone have any thoughts on this problem? If for example your pdf generating cfm is in a folder that is not the root, the server may resolve it to http: Brandon Allison 30 8.

The page containing the chart is receiving data via websocket cfcbart I am trying to pass some of this data to the chart at regular intervals with Brian Fleishman 1 11 However, if only one series is returned it is not Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. You can’t set a custom Disk cache location.

Also the NAME attribute doesn’t work at all when chart type is flash or html. It simply invalidates the object, it does not remove it from memory. All i am getting is a small placeholder like square. Check out the document.